What can you clean?

We cater for both domestic and commercial cleaning, including driveway cleaning, patio cleaning and commercial property cleans of all sizes. We are specialists in outdoor cleaning including the removal of most types of exterior dirt and grime. Spectacular results can be achieved with driveways, paths and patios. Commercial work undertaken includes car parks, restaurant and fast food frontages, pub patios and frontage areas of shops and guest houses. We can even remove chewing gum! Almost any external hard surface can be cleaned to dramatically improve the appearance of your property or business.

Do I need to be there whilst you are cleaning?

You do not necessarily need to be there whilst we are cleaning. We do not require any access to your home whilst jetting your external hard services as no electricity is required. All we require is access to an external tap. Around 75% of our jet washing customers are not home for the whole duration that we are on their property.

Does the cleaning process make a mess?

We use a rotary head on our jet washing equipment. This means that splashing is greatly reduced as the dome shape of the head contains most of the off spray. However, because of the high water pressures being used, there is always going to be some water splashes. We advise that you keep all windows closed, refrain from hanging out your washing and move items that could be damaged. We always clean up after ourselves and will spray down windows and walls if splashed.

On block paving, does sand between the joints get washed out?

Quite simply – yes. The rotary head and turbo lance that we use are designed to remove the top 3-5mm of sand between the joints. The reason for this is that this top part of the sand tends to be infected and helps promote weed growth. As part of our estimate we will include re-sanding of the joints. This is vital as it adds stability to the blocks to help prevent the individual blocks from moving. The colour of the fresh sand also adds to the overall finish of your block paving, in turn adding a ‘freshly laid’ look.

Do you apply weed killer, and if so, what type of weed killer do you use?

We do apply weed killer as standard and this is included in the quote that we provide for you. We are fully licenced to use high specification and strong weed killers, which kill the roots as well as the leaves. This also helps prevent weed re-growth for up to 3 months (6 months under ideal circumstances). Unfortunately, due to the banning of sodium chlorate based weed killers in recent years, it means that today’s weed killers are not quite as effective and destructive as they used to be. The weed killer we use takes around 7-10 days to take effect. In hot, sunny weather it can take a matter of days and in colder, duller conditions it can take around 3 weeks. We only use good-quality, well-branded products. Weed killer is not the be all and end all of your weed problems. Whilst it will kill off weeds and prevent them regrowing it will still require a little bit of maintenance in time as the wind will always blow seeds and birds will always drop seeds onto your hard surfaces. Please speak to us if you would be interested in a regular weed control programme.

Can the weed killer treatment affect the surrounding area?

We do take great care when applying weed killer and do our best to not cross contaminate surrounding areas with off spray. However, there is always a risk when applying a treatment as we can not see exactly where the underground roots are and roots can spread for a considerable length into surrounding areas. We will take the greatest of care when applying a treatment, but we cannot be held responsible for surrounding areas getting in contact with the weedkiller.

How long will it last?

As a rough guide we recommend the cleaning of driveways and patios every 12-18 months.

Why should we hire Jettaway instead of doing it ourselves?

If you have ever tried to clean your own driveway, patio or roof then you can understand how time consuming and messy it can become. Once you have started then you have to finish and it can become very tiring. The pressure we use is far greater than what a domestic pressure washer can produce and it is also at a much better flow rate. Our pressure washer is designed to tackle the toughest jobs without leaving nasty looking streak marks that domestic pressure washers tend to leave. We also have the experience and knowledge to produce a first class and professionally finished project.

Are oil stains completely removed?

In most cases yes, although there are a few variables to consider. For example, how long the stain has been there and how thick the stain is. If the stain is not completely removed then it is drastically faded so that it is not as noticeable as before.

Is this a franchise?

No, this is a small family run business based just on the outskirts of Grimsby.