Patio Cleaning

Jettaway offers Patio Cleaning in Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Louth, Caistor, Immingham, Brigg, Scunthorpe, Skegness, Alford, Horncastle, Lincoln & Lincolnshire

A nice patio area is a beautiful place to have a BBQ with friends or to sit out in the sun with family, so an unsightly and dirty patio is no good. Patios can also become increasingly dangerous if not attended to with wet moss and green algae becoming big slip hazards during wet weather. Jettaway offers a cleaning service to revamp patios, making them look as good as new and a lot safer to walk on.

One of the more modern styles of patios is made from sandstone. These are turning into a firm favourite in our properties because they look fantastic when they are first installed. Unfortunately, sandstone is a very porous substrate and due to our damp and moist UK climate, they don’t look good for long. Black lichen spots and algae can soon take over and we are often asked to clean these patios on an annual basis. Black lichen spots can’t be removed with water alone and most other pressure washing companies will tell you that these cannot be removed, but here at Jettaway we prove that they can!

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Patio Cleaning Grimsby Cleethorpes Louth Caistor Immingham Brigg Scunthorpe Skegness Alford Horncastle Lincoln Lincolnshire