Render Cleaning

Render Cleaning in Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Lincoln, Skegness and all areas of Lincolnshire, Yorkshire & Nottinghamshire

Render cleaning requires a less aggressive approach than pressure washing as pressure washing can damage the face of the surface. We can clean traditional renders and also new coloured renders including K Rend, Monocouche and Webbers. Here at Jettaway we use a ‘soft wash’ approach to cleaning using a specialist biocide, which is suitable and licensed for cleaning organically stained renders.

Our formulated biocide solution kills micro-organisms including viruses, bacteria and algae, which colonise on external surfaces. Green and red algae will die within minutes of the application and usually disappear off of your walls within a matter of weeks.

Bacteria have thin cell walls and normally die within the hour. However, the cleaning solution we use has a self-cleansing process, which takes a few days in normal exposure.

Moulds are a group of filamentous fungi and do not self cleanse as readily as algae. Moulds are killed within about an hour, but the self-cleansing can take several months, depending on the rain cycles.

Our process continually self-cleans over the following weeks and months, offering a longer lasting clean for your money.




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Render Cleaning Grimsby Scunthorpe Lincoln Skegness Lincolnshire Yorkshire Nottinghamshire

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