Tennis Court Cleaning

We also clean tennis courts!

Tennis courts are a great practical surface to play a number of sports on, not just tennis. A well looked after court should last for around 10 years before needing to be relaid.

Tennis courts are often located in areas surrounded by trees and bushes. Due to this and the porous construction of a tennis court, it often means that they are a haven for moss growth. Unlike roads and paths, tennis courts have lots of holes in the surface to allow rain water to pass through quickly. Unfortunately this also means that moss buries itself into the surface. As the moss grows it can often blow big holes in your playing surface.

Here at Jetttaway, we can clean your tennis court using our rotary pressure washing system and also apply a good quality moss treatment to keep moss at bay. With all our customers we recommend and offer an ongoing annual maintenance programme as we believe that prevention is far better than cure. The better the maintenance, the less chance moss has to set up camp and destroy your playing surface and the longer your court will last before needing resurfacing.

Please take a look at the video below for a brief demonstration on how our equipment cleans a tennis court.

YouTube Video

Here are a few more examples of our tennis court cleans.

Tennis Court